St. Mary's Jacobite Church
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The beginning of History is from Human Beings. Before the creation of human beings also things might have happened in this world. But that has become as history after the settlement of human beings. History is the backward and forward journey of the people. In our life what ever the things we have seen and heard with that proceeded towards the present that is called as History.

Idukki District is the mountainous area of Kerala and the southwest bountry of India. Amayapra comes under Udumbannoor village in the Thodupuzha Taluk of Idukki District. This place was ruled by Vadakkumkoor Raja of Travankoor.

Nearby after 1914 AD only this place’s history started. Before nobody was staying here only wild animals were staying here. On the way there were full of grass. After 1914 AD one or two families were settled here. There was a big rock like a tortoise in this place. Hence the name of this place become as AMAYAPRA . After that the surrounding places also got the name as Amayapra. And nobody knows that when this place has got this name after or before the settlement of the people.

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